The following are some photographs of club members at various events.

Photos from 2014 National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention
Nashville, TN

LFDC's donation to the raffle room.
Four holiday theme doll boxes

Trick-or-treat opening event

Lots of waiting... :)

Valentine luncheon event and Mattel presentation

Competition winner!

Members with Kmart holiday cut-out

Gail and convention friend Karin met Elvis on Broadway in Nashville
(Uh, thank you, thank you very much!)

Lin C participated in the Fashion Show wearing Target exclusive pink witch costume made by LLB

Lola gave members Christmas dolls in red gowns for the Jingle Bells event.

Final Event - New Year's Eve in Nashville with presentation of convention doll and doll signing
Dolls designed by Alessandro and Giuseppe of Artist Creations.

2014 Annual Banquet
Flamingo Frolic
LFDC welcomed guests from the Windy City Collectors Barbie Doll Club

Banquet Package and the three doll choices

Lin C and LLB - two-thirds of the banquet committee

The handsome wait staff

Table setting

Table centerpieces


Meal time

Lots of crazy flamingo door prizes!

Unveiling the banquet dolls

Gift to outgoing club president and the other member of the banquet committee - Linda W

Drawing for raffles

The whole group gathers for a picture before calling it a day!

Photos from 2013 National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention

Photos from 2013 Banquet

Photos from January 2013 Meeting

Barbie it's cold outside and warm inside

Photos from 2012 Banquet

Hello Kitty Barbie Cake

Outgoing President Lori holds her banquet doll and president's gift of a Hello Kitty Kelly

Banquet Doll, "Jazzy loves Hello Kitty" designed by Michelle M.

Banquet committee, Michelle M. and Helene

Back row: Michelle T, Lori, Linda W, Lola, Linda L-B, Terrie
Front row: Helene, Michelle M., Diane G., Lin C., Gail

Photos from 2011 National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention

Jeanne and Lori with Robert Best. Robert is a Mattel designer well-known for his BFMC Silkstone dolls.

Gail, Lori and Lola having lunch on the beach in Ft Lauderdale

Jeanne with Bill Greening, the Mattel designer responsible for vintage repros and Barbie basics just to name a few.

Jeanne and Lola at opening reception

Lori, Gail, Lola, Lin C, and Linda L-B

Diane G and Linda L-B

Lola, Helene, Michelle M, Linda L-B and Diane G (kneeling)

Photos from 2011 Banquet

2010 LFDC Christmas party at Michelle M's house.

2010 Banquet - Barbie and the Rockers

Arcade Fifties Fest

"Barbie" cars on display

A real living Barbie dropped by to help celebrate!

2009 National Barbie Doll Convention

Lin C with our friend Julie Bronski from Windy City Barbie Collectors club